Fractal Nature; About Diyu Fang Video Glitch - Honargardi
Three videos from Singaporean artist Diyu Fang in the second week of the group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language » Platform 101 is displayed in 1- Bavan Gallery.
Pixel abstraction; About Glitch Video Art by Razieh Koushki and Vahid Qaderi - Honargardi
The first week of the Group Exhibition Glitch Video Art of Platform 101 in -1 Bavan Gallery entitled “Glitch; Pixel Language »began with a video art show by Razieh Koushki and Vahid Qaderi.
On Mohammad Ali famori’s “Hypnotic Zone”: The Adventure of discoverer cornea - Honargardi
Mohammad Ali famori seeks to understand and define the existing hypnosis in the conscious and subconscious perusal of the individual under the symbol’s influence in the Hypnotic Zone. Based on his belief, contemporary human is under the daily media bombardment of images and symbols which affects his…
Okhai Ojeikere; Sociological reflection of braided hair - Honargardi
One of the approaches that art sociologists have often tend to study the interrelationship between art and society is reflection’s approach. In the reflection approach, the impact of society on art is considered and the enthusiasts believe that the artwork reflects the events that occur in a communi…